We combine excellent market and sector knowledge with the appropriate services

Our family firm has many years of experience in logistics solutions in a wide range of sectors. Quality and reliability are as much part of our strength as innovation and cutting-edge technologies. We adapt our logistics concepts to respond to developments and changing needs on the market. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we have strong partners by our side.

As an established logistics partner for leading brands and well-known businesses in the food & beverages, pharma, medicine & cosmetics, industry, toys & leisure sectors, as well as e-commerce, we put our performance and competence to the test every day. What can we help you with?

Food & beverages

Flexible system solutions for all kinds of consumer goods and advertising media

From coasters to 4-metre-plus beer garden promotional umbrellas, and from barrels to secondary placement in trade. As experts in the food & beverages sector, we offer all of the required services – advertising media procurement and logistics, display building and stockage, finishing or dispatch – quickly, reliably and economically.

You can count on us for maximum flexibility. We are also experienced in and able to provide interim storage of excess stocks in block warehouses. We also create online shops from B2B through E2C to B2C, as well as managing returns. Let us tell you more about what we can do for you.

Branchen Lösungen für Food and Beverages - Soller Gruppe
Logitik Lösungen für Pharma-Produkte

Pharma, medicine & cosmetics

Quality care products deserve to be treated with quality care

Qualified staff, flexibility and quality-awareness ensure standardised processes and low error rates. We provide fulfilment for your products and advertising media from B2B to B2C. Express delivery of products that require special insurance or delivery to any part of the world within a specific window? No problem! We guarantee seamless processes and careful handling, optimised to satisfy the requirements for pharma, cosmetic and medical products.


Interface between manufacturer and supplier

Along with classic fulfilment and warehousing, we mainly support our customers with services like contract manufacture and finishing. We not only offer tailored solutions, but competently and reliably implement them with our qualified team. From bulk products to marketable individual packaging; from several products to sales units, our focus is always on the specific quality and safety requirements for your products.

Logistik Leistungen - Soller Gruppe
Soller Gruppe - Branche Spielwaren und Freizeit

Toys & leisure

Competently bundled logistics services

Amateur pilots or marathon runners; board game geeks or jugglers – the customers that buy your products are as diverse as our services. With us, you know that your products are in the best hands, from warehouse to recipient. Smooth processes ensure that your flow of goods is perfect. We start to act as soon as you receive an order from your customers or consumers. From click to confirmation of receipt, we react quickly, flexibly and competently, and it’s the same for returns management.


Services for all aspects of your online business

Successful online trade begins and ends with high customer satisfaction, so take advantage of our experience and competence as an e-commerce services provider. Our expert team ensures that everything runs smoothly in your shop, and controls the flow of goods – when and where you want it to go. And if something isn’t quite right, we will also manage your returns. Your online marketplace is in good hands with us. We have the right links and plug-ins for connecting you to us and us to your marketplaces.

Soller Gruppe - Branche E-Commerce